FOCUS ON: Facilities Planning

We believe facilities should be a physical statement of the organization’s vision, and should facilitate the initiatives and priorities outlined in the strategic plan. Our facility planning focuses on how to best meet the vision and direction while maximizing use of existing and future resources. New Heights Group can help improve your market position through:

  • Facility Evaluation
    A detailed analysis of the functional/physical characteristics of existing buildings and site that identifies current capacity, problems, constraints, and opportunities.
  • Capacity Analysis
    A review of current or proposed facility and equipment resources to determine potential productivity capabilities.
  • Workload Projections
    A forecast of future workloads, often viewed in multiple scenarios built from varying assumptions, based on the organization’s business plan, market position, and industry trends. These projections are used to develop space requirements.
  • Strategic Facilities Plan
    An integrated plan developed through a structured process that simultaneously considers multiple issues related to strategy, facilities, resources, technology, and regulation.  The process concludes with a logical sequence of building and site modifications and a phased implementation plan.
  • Functional and Space Programming
    Functional and space requirements, based upon projected workloads, staffing, and operating concepts, that are used to guide the facility design.
  • Feasibility Study
    Facility development supported by a market assessment and financial pro forma (revenue and expense projections, cashflow).

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